Изучение английского языка одновременно с родным

Смотрим мультфильмы на английском языке!

Наверняка в процессе обучения своих детей, вы хоть раз задумывались, какие же можно смотреть мультфильмы на английском языке.

В данной статье хочу поделиться с вами своей находкой: замечательная серия мультфильмов для изучения английского языка  Tell a Story.

У главного героя Эдди есть набор карточек “Расскажи историю”. Вам, наверное, знакомы такие наборы карточек для развития речи, которые у нас в России называются “Мои первые  предложения”. Смысл игры заключается в том, что ребенку предлагается подобрать нужные карточки, расположить их  в определенном порядке и составить  по ним рассказ. Чем и занимается Эдди в нашем  мультфильме.

Для каждого рассказа нужно подобрать 3 карточки. Первая карточка изображает проблему, вторая инструмент для ее решения, а третья уже решенную проблему. Так,  например, в эпизоде Steamroller Эдди подбирает по порядку карточки “разбитая дорога” (damaged road) – “каток” (steamroller) – “починенная дорога” (repaired road), и получается история того, как рабочим удалось починить разбитую дорогу с помощью катка.

Смотрим эпизод Steamroller на английском языке

Cмотреть всю подборку мультфильмов на английском языке Tell a Storry.

Как видите, Tell a Story — это занимательные мультфильмы для изучения английского языка детьми.

скачать карточки: 

“разбитая дорога” (damaged road) – “каток” (steamroller) – “починенная дорога” (repaired road)

repared road
steamrollerdamaged road

Текст (вы, конечно можете упростить его для вашего малыша)

What a damaged and bumpy road! So many cracks and so many holes! The car can barely drive on the road. It’s jumping up and down and barely moving! The car stops on the side of the road. Eddie’s dad comes out of the car to look at the road. Eddie’s dad knows how to fix the road – that’s his job. He calls someone – I wonder who. He calls the lorry driver. She will know how to solve the problem and fix the damaged road. The lorry driver GETs out to look and see. The road is very damaged and needs fixing, she agrees. She has a lorry full of asphalt that can be used to fill all the cracks and holes on the road. She start to drive down the road and she scatters the asphalt as she goes.  The asphalt like sand goes into the holes and cracks and fills them up all the way to the top.  The lorry has finished his part of the job  — thank you very much, lorry and good buy! Dad calls another friend he knows. It’s the steamroller driver who can help, I suppose. The steamroller drivers over the asphalt that’s been spilled and straitens the road he makes sure that all of the splits and the cracks are filled. The steamroller is strong and heavy and big. So it can make a flat surface of anything. He drivers on the road and makes it straight and flat. And the road has no more splits and cracks. The steamroller driver has finished its job and Eddie’s dad  can continue to drive.  Now that the road is fixed and smooth, the car can drive  and with ease it can move. Thanks to the asphalt and the steamroller too the road is smooth and it’s good for use.


Другие серии мультфильма для изучения английского языка Tell a Story:


карточки: “пустой грузовик” (an empty lorry) – “трактор” (tractor) – “грузовик с песком” (a lorry full of sand)

an empty lorry


a lorry full of sand


A new road has been paved in town. The lorry driver has arrived to give a helping hand. The tractor driver starts to fill his lorry with sand. In order to build and then pave a new road all of the sand of the road must be towed.And then on this place you must dig a very deep hole. The lorry driver can clear a lorry full of sand. He waits as much time as it takes for the lorry to be full. The tractor driver drives forward and back. And slowly she deepens and widens the crack. She uses the shovel to pile the sand and dig. It’s very strong and very big. There is still a lot of work to be done and many more things to do. Paving a road is not so an easy task. The preparations are not yet through. The lorry is approaching the hole. The tractor driver starts to move the sand from the pile to the lorry; gathers the sand with a shovel and onto the lorry. She raises and lorries the sand with a shovel. But the lorry is still not full. The lorry is very big indeed and large amounts of sand it can carry. The tractor driver doesn’t give up or stop. She keeps lorrying the sand and picking more up. Another round and another shovel full of sand. May be this will be the last time around. Now that the lorry is full, the lorry driver can continue to drive to the building site nearby. Then the sand can be used for other things. Like all of the other trucks around the lorry will soon pour out all sand on the ground. And when the lorry is empty what will he do? He will go back to the big hole in order to fill up his lorry with sand again. He’ll use the shovel to dig and lift the sand from the ground until the lorry is full to ready for another round.


карточки: цветная бумага – ножницы и клей – аппликация

colored papers

scissors and glue2

an artwork



Eddy has an idea, an idea for an artwork. He wants to be creative and he knows what he’ll do. He’s going to make a picture using papers, scissors and glue. He’ll begin his artwork with the paper the color blue. Eddy starts to plan and choose what he’s going to use. Mom helps Eddy with his artwork and helps him to create. She uses the scissors to cut out different shapes. A triangle, a circle, a square. I wonder what Eddy is planning to prepare! One shape after another Eddy creates a work of art. Oh, no!  Why all the shape come off? How did they all fall? Eddy, there’s something you forgot to do. He needs to smear the paper with glue. Place some glue on the paper and spread it well so that the shapes stick. Wow! Arts and crafts are always so much fun to do! Eddy was very creative using papers, scissors and glue. It’s a good thing Eddy had glue that was strong . It held all the shapes where Eddy thought they belonged.


карточки: черно-белый рисунок (a drawing) – цветные мелки (crayons) – раскрашенный рисунок (a colorflul drawing)


a drawing crayons

a colorful drawing


Eddy started to draw a drawing yesterday. And he wants to finish coloring it today. From the jar he chooses a crayon that’s black and he starts to draw the missing spots. Eddy draws his house and his garden, too. He draws the roof, the door and two windows on top. He draws a tree with a trunk and a big tree top. It seems now that the drawing is complete, but something important is still missing, it seems. Something isn’t right in the drawing he’s made. Eddy knows what he needs. Colors! He wants to color the drawing in many colors. He colors the roof of the house in red. And now it’s time to use the color green. Green can be used for the grass that he drew. And if Eddy likes, he can use green for the tree top, too. And now of course the color blue for the sky. The skies take up a lot of room on the sheet. There is a lot of blue to color in. Maybe he’ll use blue to color some more? Maybe the sun or may be the door. Oh, yes he’s found what to color in blue! The pants and the shirt of the boy that he drew. I wonder what color he’ll use now? Cheerful yellow for the round sun and its rays. What else is left to color in? Can you guess? Do you see? The cat and the garden and the trunk of the tree. Eddy is a proud of his drawing. Using the many colors each in everyone the drawing has become special and fun.


карточки: Воздушный шарик (a balloon) – кактус (a prickly plant/cactus) – лопнувший шарик (a balloon without air)

baloon cactus

a baloon without air



Look at all the balloons in so many different colours. They are so beautiful and exciting. It looks as though they are dancing. The balloon seller has to hold on strongly to the strings, otherwise the balloons may fly way up high into the sky. Who is going to buy a balloon? Here are Eddy and Dad. It’s a beautiful day. Eddy sees the balloons and he is amazed. He would really like just one balloon. If he asks for a balloon,  the balloon seller will let him choose whichever balloon he likes. There are so many colours and all of them nice. It’s hard for Eddy to choose which one he likes.  May be purple, may be blue. Eddy wants the red balloon. Can I have it? In his hand he holds the balloon. Eddy is very happy on this sunny afternoon.  Working in the park with Dad is a lot of fun, but walking in the park with Dad and a balloon -it’s almost like a dream. In the air the balloon dances and flies and Eddy looks happily with joy in his eyes. Oh, no, naughty balloon. The balloon is escaping from Eddy’s hand. Eddy thinks this is a fun game to let go off the string and to catch it again. Yes, he thinks he will try this game again. Oh, but this time the balloon flies away and flies away up high in the sky. Don’t fly too far, naughty balloon. Come back to Eddy! Come back soon! That’s  not what Eddy meant to do. Watch out, balloon! There is a prickly plant! Oh, no that can’t be fun! What has he done?  He really feels bad. Eddy is crying and he’s very sad. Into the prickly plant the balloon flew. It  touches  the spikes and it popped and popped and tore, too.


карточки: сандаль под диваном  (a shoe under the sofa)– метла  (a broom) – сандаль (a shoe)

a shoe under the sofa





How is it that every time you’re  in a hurry to leave you can’t find the most important thing that you need? That’s what happened to Eddy this morning. Eddy wants to go to kindergarten, but one of his shoes is missing. Where can his shoe be? He saw it yesterday. May be it’s under the sofa. No, that’s not his shoe. Under the sofa there are many different games, but Eddy doesn’t have any time to play. He is on the way to kindergarten and he’s going to be late. And in order to go he needs his second shoe. He needs to find his other shoe. It looks as if it’s not hiding under the sofa. He has to look somewhere else. But where? Eddy can’t remember where the other shoe is. May be it’s under the pillow or perhaps behind the sofa. He can’t find it. Eddy really wants to go! He wants to meet his friend at kindergarten. Wait! Maybe it’s under the other sofa. Yes, here! He’s found his other shoe! But the shoe is stuck and it won’t come out. It keeps moving  further  underneath the couch.  Eddy tries and tries again, but his hands are too short and can’t reach it. Mom comes to look for Eddy and she doesn’t understand why Eddy isn’t ready to go. Mom has a longer hand — that may help. Maybe she will be able to reach the shoe.  No, it’s not working. The shoe is so far under the couch that it’s almost impossible to get it out.  Mom has an idea! The broom stick is very long. Maybe she can use it to get the shoe out. Here! Something’s come out from underneath. Oh, but it’s not the shoe. Hurray! The shoe has finally come out! Good thing the broom stick helped Eddy out!

 Cмотреть всю подборку мультфильмов на английском языке Tell a Storry.



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